Shoes Orthopaedic injure 

Schuhzurichtungen are the collective name for orthopaedic measures at the ready-made clothing shoe.

Depending on medical results sales, middle foot, bunion, toes and butterfly roles can be ordered and made. These Abrollsohlen cause a quiet position of the jump or toe joints, butterfly roles permit in addition a soft bedding of the Metatarsale (Mittelfußköfchen) II-IV if these are overtaxed at a spread or hollow/Pomeranian foot.

Heel rises are ordered at leg shortening or scoliosis at bandy leg or X leg position of the foot of lateral or middle soles/heel edge rises.

However, Zurichtungen at the ready-made clothing shoe are set to limits. Special orthopaedic shoes are shown at heavy foot deformities and troubles and at diabetes and available or to fearing Ulcera.


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