Athlete supply

The Sport takes a high place value away from e for many people in today. He is Freizeitschäftigung, prophylaxis and after-care at different illnesses at the same time.

An important instrument of the sports practice is, however, only the casual shoe which although permanently was improved within the last few years in the high-priced articles. Many cheap shoes do not give the right support and the required support to the foot very charged just at the sports practice. Sports injuries often resulting from it are the consequence, not only at this foot same but also in the leg, hip joint or back area.

There are many scientific examinations on the connections between casual shoe and kind of sport, unfortunately, the knowledge is not always realized from these examinations in the casual shoe industry for commercial reasons.

It is to explain too far, these examinations in particular here. For a good casual shoe muffling at jump loads, the support in the on-kick phase and the lead the heel at the run is a self comprehensibility. An essential point to the injury prophylaxis is also the interaction of sole profile and the ground. The profile mustn't show a too big adhesiveness particularly on the hall grounds because the tendons and ribbons are strongly endangering.

Today, other ways are often walked along as still ago not long at all time in the post traumatic (after-care after injuries) phase. After ribbon lesions the faster mobilization Orthesen and Tapeverbände is used for unlike the Immobilisation by plaster casts. Also at slighter pullings bandages can prophylactically be used, however. Which therapy but every sports injury is stored differently and thing of the attending doctor is you use in the end.


In principle, it can be said, however, that it is a gain in quality of life for every man at sufficient training preparation, the right casual shoes and the kind of sport adapted to the age and the constitution if he moves sportingly.


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