Shoe repairs

Shoe repairs are not shoe repairs at once. There are great differences in reference to the quality of the execution like to the quality of the used material there.

Unfortunately, there are shoemakers always trained less well. The mosts which one finds today are informed semi-skilled people in crash courses who frequently operate her fast repair business in department stores.

A good repair stands out among others by the fact that the old sole is in principle removed at a Besohlung. This is a higher expenditure of work, however, makes it possible that the new sole can be (thicker) more strongly without impairing the flexibility of the shoe. Of course a thicker sole also keeps longer particularly if first-class material is processed.

Gives leather like also rubber materials in different qualities (of course). The best leather soles are so-called old tanned with an old tanner stamp as a quality proof. Such a leather sole is very much a little stiffer short fibrously, waterproof and at first, what, however, gives to herself after short gestation period. One can get the sole in strengths of 2.5 to 5.5 mm depending on use. An old tanner sole is naturally, but if one would already like to carry leather soles (leather is breathable at a right processing) a little more expensive one should not see on the last mark here. A Vacheleder offers one's services alternative to old tanner as (price). There should always exist one on the removal of the old sole at a repair, however.

This applies also restrictedly to the repair with rubber soles. There are different strengths and qualities also different profiles, furthermore but for respectively different fields of application also.

The customer should put special attention into the repair of the heels. Statics and anatomy knowledge or very simple are very often working very inexpertly because of the fast repair of semi-skilled strengths unaware here. However, the customer can check this very easily himself by the shoe being put on a flat pad (e.g. the sales bar) namely. The heel then must touch the pad, without that with a full area one can perform an ink extinguisher movement.

Another feature of a neat repair is the execution of tap-dance sutures, e.g. at use of heel food. The suture must be executed of course in the original colour, in addition, is a quality characteristic whether the old suture was after sewn also in the right sting and needle size.

One also can recognize a good business by whether unusual work is executed by this such as whole lady heels replace or newly obtain or insoles replace.

A problem is the adhesion of the different materials today. It also can happen that an adhesion comes loose again to once an experienced expert. A subject business always, however, knows an alternative and will want never to make an adhesion by nailing in addition more durable.

A specialistic repair is always worthwhile -- a good, high-priced shoe, however, the emphasis should specialistically mean much to < on >.

Excellent -- ours already became guarantee for one our shoe repairs specialistic execution repeatedly with silver medals in every regard.

And considering you: A cheap repair can get very expensive. Not only in the shoe area. Choose renowned workshops -- it is your profit.