Orthopaedic shoes, what is this?

How are they made, what are they indexed for? At first one photographic summary:

The components of a shoe

An Arthrodesenstiefel

Length compensation bedding

poured joint stiffening

A Peroneushalbschuh

high paralysis supply

The orthopaedic made to measure shoe serves the settlement of disturbances in the statics and mechanics of standing and going how they are given at shortenings, stiffenings, paralyses, at deformities at the lower limbs (lower extremities) and at partial amputations of the foot.

Also such is necessary as orthopaedic shoes which is necessary to be able to carry an orthopaedic effective apparatus and inside shoes in which the orthopaedic supply part is separated for the ill or faulty foot of the shoe as an article of clothing and about which needs changing this one corresponding normal shoes can be worn

The orthopaedic shoe is a treatment means of the specialist for orthopaedics or the general practitioner and is manufactured manually for the ill or faulty foot according to special measure or model methods. The shoe manufactured after measure brings observation and carrying out helps the measures required for the specific indication like beddings, reliefs, support, correction of the statics, for the effect

The medical prescription is regarded as a necessary prerequisite to the predominant or complete defrayal by health insurance companies, professional co-operative societies and supply offices. As a legal proprietary interest, at present, you calculate at street shoes € 76.00

Orthopaedic shoes are manufactured after other criteria than Modeschuhe. They take into account the form and the volume of the foot and as a rule, "style" can not be produced so as ready-made clothing shoes. By the design of the "shaft", that is the leather uppers in colour, Steppungen and applications made to measure shoe can but also the orthopaedic a pleasant and stylish appearance be given. This one should be primarily deemed worthy of re-production of going of recovered of the patient, however

Shoes which are soft and not causing bruises by shaft sutures especially are produced manually following the special example for diabetes patients particularly to avoid any wound particularly at this patient circle which can lead to an amputation to an Ulcus healing badly or not at all and letzlich. The foot bed also will of especially diabetically suitable material here rack because diabetics often have a Schmerzempfinden which is limited by nerve damages (Neuropatien) or completely missing and therefore do not notice wounds at the feet which already are in far advanced stage


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