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depth inflamed Clavi on the class toe

Malum perforans (open sore) at the foot

A professional med. chiropody is very important particularly with diabetics. By the injury danger at treatment of one's own serious consequences can arise. But also not diabetics should allow themselves a regular chiropody.

Fungus season always is at the foot

Foot fungus is considered as an annoying but harmless illness by the layman with pleasure. For a medical treatment and in the prophylaxis the chiropody accompanyingly plays an important role in the fighting the epidemic foot fungus.

Altogether, illnesses caused by fungi become this one as Mykosen bezeichnet.Von more than 120,000 fungus ways in nature be able to about 50 microscopically small species cause illnesses with man. Foot fungus is no illness of its own but a Hautmykose identified at the foot. Under the skin diseases she is the most frequent one at all.

The illness can spread to the toenails. The fungus affects the nail mmeist from the front or lateral edge, it can come up to the complete destruction of the nail plate.Moreover, patients with a Fußmykose frequently show fungus illnesses at the other body or even at the internal organs.

One recognizes foot fungus attack by three typical features: Schuppung, edge emphatic rubefaction and central deepening. Itching appears in the majority of the cases, however, also can be missing. It is important to let the foot fungus by an experienced skin specialist treat. At first he will lay out a mushroom culture to be able to recognize the triggering fungus.

Antibiotics either impede the fungus increase or seem fungicidal. They are used inwardly or externally. Besides the fighting the pathogenes it should be the aim of the therapy, wiederstandsfähige skin one recovers again to create. Otherwise renewed infections do not let wait for himself for a long time.

A healthy foot offers the fungi hardly attack possibilities. Chiropody institutes can you care and protection products today of reliable, effective and wholesome well-being, offer a row, e.g. the freely saleable remedies Gehwol fungicide or the maintenance mediums Gehwol pedal pressure red, mint or blue with respectively specific Ingredenzien.


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