The senior expert service is an organisation of the German economy in developing countries for the help.

Older, most experts of the most different professions retired from the active professional life are sent by this organisation upon request of developing countries or help organisations in many countries of the world.

Practical help on the spot is used use, help to the self-help which is more effective than the pure transfer of financial means, which often flows in wrong channels there.

You realized in 92 countries of the earth more than 1400 uses over 220 of this alone in China in 2001.

My first use was 1999 in Bosnia/Herzegovina. 2000 followed Estonia after that and 2001 next to Pakistan and then Latvia. How he was, tackled, at present, a subsequent use in Pakistan cannot be realized because of the political situation there to the deepening of the switched Kenntnise in the year 2002. But a use is planned in Lithuania for the summer/autumn.

Mitlerweile is use in Lithuania carried out been. This is a company in Kaunas which, however, manufactures among other things orthopaedic storage bowls for the use in the country of her own also for the export. My use was for the optimization of orthop. Temporary fillings and the Demonstation of Schuhzurichtungen. This species is more orthopaedic for relief actions almost unknown of in the Baltic countries.

For the year 2005 a use is planned in Russia now. It shall be it the optimization of shoe repair work.  

Which one in which there are many amputated face victims, people are particularly looked for from health skilled crafts, and under this, often children this pitiful person can help, caused by the civil war events in Afghanistan and also other countries.

Interested parties can ask under the following address:

Senior expert service (SES), Buschstr. 2, PO box 2262, 53012 Bonn, tel. 049-228-260900, fax 049 228 2609077, e-mail:


Employee in Tartu/EstoniEmployee in Kljuc/BosniEmployee in Riga/Latvi



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Pakistani girl with pupa

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