Diabetes and Rheuma

Diabetic emergencies

You are shocked for certain at the sight of these pictures now. This is understandable, however, also intended. Because on the whole it does not have to come at the diabetes. At a right attitude of the diabetes by the attending specialist and precautionary way of life amputations and Gangrän are avoidable.

No end can be foreseen five million diabetics at present alone in Germany, and with regard to the expecting rise volatile, these are most dangerous aspects unfortunately, which is hardly assessed correctly by the population yet in her dangerousness. The chiropodist often considers first Ulcera passing the dangerousness which are often painless and are therefore neglected because of the neuropathy (nerve damage by diabetes) very much.

The doctor has absolutely and immediately to be switched on here, at which best one diabetic box trained particularly on diabetes. At a consistent treatment in the doctor and the chiropody practice and the supply with special diabetic shoes by an experienced orthopaedics shoe technology business it is possible to prevent a threatening amputation if no Gangrän (tissue death, Hautpatien black discoloured recognizably on) has started yet.

In turn Rheumaist subdivides into joint and muscle rheumatism, these into acute and chronic. The acute joint rheumatism is the result of a stove infection, the chronic rheumatism can lead to joint stiffenings or also heavy deformations of the joints. The muscle rheumatism can have many causes, often he is a result of colds, however, he also can be an accompanying appearance of infection diseases or arise due to poisonings.

The rheumatic foot can be supplied with a bedding temporary filling which may not be too soft. She shall support and lead the foot so that it comes so fast not or not to further ankle deformations. Special attention must be directed on also the shoe whether it is a ready-made clothing shoe for temporary fillings or an orthopaedic made to measure shoe now. He shall offer to the foot of place, however, enclose him also tightly. It is the task of the orthopaedics shoe technician to carry out these specifications exactly.

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